The Path Ahead

Legacy Claim Solutions, is your partner in the legacy claim resolution process.  We bring a suite of services to the table to assist us with our primary goal of helping our clients settle their high exposure workers' compensation claims.  It is our philosophy that a multi-faceted approach to the overall workers' compensation claims handling practice is absolutely necessary in achieving timely and favorable settlements.  LCS stands ready to assist you every step of the way!

The Tip of the Spear

Our premier offering is our Legacy Claim Resolution Service.  Our team of experts draw on their decades of experience handling workers' compensation claims and works closely with our clients to comprehensively analyze their claim before outlining and leading the settlement charge. 

Legacy Claim Solutions Signature Valuation Program

Our success in resolving legacy claims where those before us have stumbled begins with the LCS Signature Valuation Program™.  This unique system was created by LCS President Greg Gitter, and it is exclusively utilized by Legacy Claim Solutions to review all elements of a pending claim, and zero in on the true overall value of a claim which not only helps accurately set reserves, but sets the table for successful settlement negotiations.

Ancillary Services

Beyond our signature services LCS can help our clients build the foundation for a well-rounded workers' compensation claims program by implementing the following services also offered:

Best Practices Review

We can analyze all aspects of your workers' compensation claim handling process from establishing reserves, making sure three-points of communication are kept open, proper acceptance or denial of injuries, proper utilization review procedures etc., to better assist you in determining whether or not opportunities exist for an improvement in exposure, efficiency, and increased savings.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, our Best Practices Review service also identifies the triggers for potential legacy claims before they become a burden on your program.

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance

LCS also stands ready to assist you with the MSP component of your legacy files.  Due to the age of most legacy files, they typically contain an MSP component within them that must be handled properly in conjunction with the other elements of these delicate claims.  LCS brings a wealth of Medicare related knowledge and information to each and every settlement.  Our team stays on top of emerging trends in the MSP compliance industry, and have also all earned and maintained the appropriate continuing education requirements associated with the Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional (CMSP) designation.  In addition to instructing a designee on the art of writing an MSA, the CMSP sessions dive deeper into all facets of MSP compliance including, but not limited to: specialty claims (i.e. USL&H, Jones Act), conditional payments, custodial account administration, Section 111 reporting requirements, structured settlements, coding, and pricing.  Additionally, two of our team members, Greg Gitter, President, and Tom Matson, VP of Client Development, have been instructors with the CMSP program since its inception in 2010.

Education and Training

LCS places a tremendous emphasis on success through education.  We take an extreme amount of pride in serving as a knowledge resource for our clients.  Our own leadership in the workers' compensation industry gives us the ability to bring that information to you through our complimentary world-class continuing education programs.