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Arizona Lawmakers Introduce Bill Allowing for the Settlement of Future Medicals

Our good friends at workcompcentral.com recently posted an article on Arizona Senate Bill 1332, which would allow complete settlements in workers’ compensation cases, including future medicals.  Lawmakers sent Gov. Doug Ducey a bill that would allow “full and final settlements” and require employers to pay for travel to medical appointments, expand existing cancer presumptions for all safety workers and create a new presumption for heart ailments suffered by firefighters.

The settlements would have to be in writing and include a description of the worker’s medical conditions that have been identified and taken into consideration when settling the claim.  If an injured worker is not represented by an attorney, a full and final settlement would not be valid until the Industrial Commission determines that the deal is in the worker’s best interest.

This is certainly an issue we will be following closely here at Legacy Claim Solutions.  If signed into law, we stand ready to assist our clients in properly valuing, negotiating, and ultimately settling all of their outstanding high exposure workers’ compensation claims in Arizona, as we currently do across the country.